The immediate association one has in relation to a red line is a line whose function is to divide, to mark territories, to separate.

ASINGLELINE wants to look at this basic, generic entity of a line and look at it simply from another point of view: a line’s function is also to connect, to link, to bring things which are far from each other geographically or mentally closer together.
ASINGLELINE is a straight line drawn from one point which is the city center all the way to a second point which is a cultural center building: a theater, a museum or other. The line is neither a performance, nor an installation, it is a thought put into action, meant to connect, almost literally, the public – society and their art – choreography and performance, driving MAMAZA and the local team who collaborates with them on the project, to cross the city through its public spaces – squares, streets, parks – and its private ones – domestic houses, shops, restaurants – in order to accomplish the drawing the line. The action of drawing the line is based on the collaboration with the local team as well as with different people who come across the line. It is therefore a process which occurs through negotiation and the constant search for possible communication.

After its initial realization of ASINGLELINE in Antwerp/Belgium in 2011, MAMAZA has been invited to realize the project in Burkina Faso, South Africa and Nigeria (by the Goethe-Institute), as well as in Lausanne, Switzerland, Jerusalem, Petach Tikva and Haifa in Israel, Maputo in Mozambique and in Venice, Italy. MAMAZA is now continuing their tour through sub-Saharan Africa by visiting Cote d’Ivoire and Kenya.
In cooperation with the local ecoartist Bruno Ruganzo and Desire MAMAZA have been also to Uganda.