Liz Kamugisha from Ngoma Jam Sessions

On the 6th of May 2018, the Goethe Zentrum Kampala (GZK), together with many local partners and sponsors, launched the first Azulato Children’s Festival at the Seven Trees Gardens in Kololo.The festival was designed to support children’s curiosity and creativity and offered many different hands-on activities, workshops and live performances such as pottery, dance, animation and robotics. It was a free event for children from all different backgrounds where schools from different parts of Kampala were invited to take part in the stage performances and festival activities. The first Azulato Children’s Festival was very successful and the GZK is looking forward to hosting this event on an annual basis.

Ngoma Jam Sessions was one of the partners of Azulato Children’s Festival offering a drumming workshop and drum circle to the children at the festival. In the following interview Liz Kamugisha, one of the founders of Ngoma Jam Sessions, talks about her inspiration to found the drum circle group, her experiences with the children during the Azulato Children’s Festival 2018 and the future plans of Ngoma Jam Sessions. [popup_anything id=”3991″]

Nduhira Athilai

In July the GZK hosted the Tuzinne International Dance Festival, a platform for contemporary and traditional dance in East Africa, for the first time. Starting with an intense workshop for the participants, the event ended in a two day Dance Festival where artists from all over East Africa showed their skills. The festival took place under the motto ‘Where Human Rights Dance’. One of the dancers who surely embodied this theme was the contemporary dancer Nduhira Athilai from Kampala. In his solo performance at GZK he mixed contemporary dance with traditional elements. Read the full interview …

Doreen Baingana

This August, when the play “Tropical Fish” was performed at the GZK, our Rooftop Terrace was sold out down to the last seat. Doreen Baingana is the author of the award-winning short story the play is based on: It is a story about a young campus girl’s affair with an older white businessman in Kampala. For Christine, the main character, it starts off as a fun escape from her ordinary life to a “bubble baths and a gin-and-tonic life” until it becomes a painful exploration of her worth as a black woman. Read the full interview …

Peter Kagayi

Peter Kagayi is a Ugandan poet and teacher by passion. He has recently participated in the German Africologne Festival, where he performed his performance “The Audience Must Say Amen” with his team.
We have asked him three questions regarding his motivations for poetry, the advantages of this form of communicating with people and possible consequences of the implied political messages. Read the full interview …