We are living in a more and more visualized world where moving images have become a consistent part of our everyday life (watching advertisements on screens at public spaces, TVs at home or in restaurants and shops, sharing videos and pictures on social media, etc.). Visual impulses catch people’s attention and easily engage audiences.

In many cities like Kampala advertisement, popular TV shows, sport event transmissions and music videos are presented on big screens at traffic junctions, in restaurants and shops. The selection of videos is rather similar.

By using the known to promote the unknown we want to make use of moving images to promote art in public space.

Film is a popular medium within the Ugandan art scene, yet finding audiences for film outside the mainstream is difficult. By programming different approaches on and within film the event seeks to promote those unknown visual impulses, not only exposing them to new audiences, but also exposing the audiences to new visual material, information and possibilities. At the same time Moving Images Vol. 1 is exploring the infrastructure and settings of Kampala, but also activating and reimagining common spaces – Kampala Road becomes a walkabout to discover visual arts.

In 7 selected TV Shops along Kampala Road you will find 27 works of all sorts of genres, from short film over documentaries and music videos to video art.

The series ‘Art in Public Space’ was launched by GZK/UGCS in 2013, seeking to make art more accessible to a broad Ugandan society, since it is still very much reserved to a small part that has the means to access theatres, galleries, cinemas and similar spaces. By engaging new audiences we hope to, on a long-run help, sensitize the society for the importance of art and culture – important means to achieve freedom of expression.

The series also offers a new challenge and feedback for the participating artists: on the one hand artists are encouraged to ‘conquer’ new audiences and on the other hand it gives them the opportunity to receive feedback different from the comments within the common setting of their art.
Within the exhibition there will be further related events in the week of 2nd to 7th February:

Opening on Monday 2nd Feburary, 4pm at Papyrus Terrace on Kampala Road, followed by a guided tour through the participating shops.

Panel discussion on Wedneday 4th, 6.30pm at Papyrus Terrace, about ‘Using the known to promote the unknown: film making and its audiences’.

‘Your Film, your Audience’ on Friday 6th February at 7pm: an open screening for films and videos (not longer than 10 minutes each) brought by the guests.

You will find more information about the additional programme on our homepage under ‘events’ and on the project blog. (find the link below) On the project blog you will also find further information on the selected films and videos, the film makers and the participating TV shops, as much as a map.

The ‘Art in Public Space: Moving Images Vol. 1’ is a collaboration of Goethe-Zentrum Kampala/ Ugandan German Cultural Society, Dragonfly Media and Ensi-Ensya Design.

by Sarah Schmoll and Nicole Schnathmann

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