On 9th February 2012, on invitation of the Goethe-Zentrum Kampala/UGCS, the German-Nigerian singer Nneka performed together with the finest female voices of Uganda – Ife Piankhi, Tshila, Irene Ntale, Keko and the nine years old Hip-Hopper MC Flower – at the Goethe-Zentrum Kampala.

Press voices about Nneka:

„One of the best soul singers to emerge in the past few years“ The Times

„Our girl Nneka is the greatest … this afro-soul rump-shaker is pure hotness“ Rolling Stone

Girl power at Nneka conert“ – The Daily Monitor Kampala describes the show of as „a boundlessly energetic performance over three hours

More than 1200 visitors celebrated a sweeping festival of music Since 2005 Nneka became a familiar name in the international music scene. As soon as she appears on stage she surprises the people with her unique fusion of soul, afro, reggae, R&B and hip-hop as well as her galvanic stage presence and depth.



Nneka Egbuna grew up in the Delta Region of Nigeria and relocated to Hamburg at the age of nineteen, but last year she decided to return to Nigeria. She put out her first album Victim of truth in 2005 followed by her second album No longer at Ease in 2008. Her third album, Soul is heavy (2011) which was produced in a flat in Nigeria`s bustling metropolis Lagos, is multi-faceted and “politically conscious”.

After her extensive Soul is heavy tour in Europe, Nneka is back on the road – this time bound for her native continent. Her East Africa tour took her to Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Zanzibar.

From 7th February Nnneka and her diverse, international band spend three intense days in Kampala. In a workshop at the National Theater in Kampala they worked together with Keko, Tshila, Ife, Irene and MC Flower. It was a wonderful atmosphere of exchange,
inspiration and creativity. At the end of this day a new collaboration song and a powerful version of the song WAR from

Bob Marleyemerged – combining the so different styles of all participating musicians into something sui generis!

On the evening of 9th February 2012 the results of the workshop were brought to the big stage in the Garden of the Goethe-Zentrum Kampala. And the atmosphere was truly thrilling. As many described it the term “girl power” was redefined at that evening. MC Flower rocked the house, followed by Ife, Irene, Tshila, Keko and – of course – Nneka, who carried the 1200 spectators off into her own unique world of a soulful and sweeping music that made all those who were present think, feel – and hopefully act.

At midnight people silently left the garden, carrying with them the melodies of an evening which will be remembered for at least the remaining months of this year!

Irene Ntale
Irene Ntale is an Ugandan singer-songwriter. She went to Kitante Primary School and Kitante High School, there after she went to Kyambogo University. Irene started singing at a very early age of 10 years in Sunday School an later she continued singing in the Church choir. The musician had always been fascinated by guitars, so she started to play some years ago. Irene is also the lead vocalist for The Uneven rock band. Her inspiration for writing her music comes from the fact that she wants to have a positive impact on people’s lives.



Jocelyn Tracy Keko is a Ugandan artist who comes from Tororo. After her Bachelor of Commerce at Makerere University, she decided to be a musician… with success: Her three singles are fast receiving regional approval.
Keko’s passion for music and her beautiful charisma let her be one of the most impressive female hip-hop artists of Uganda.




Ife Piankhi
Ife Piankhi has been an educator and trainer for 20 years. Her experience has seen her facilitating youth at festivals (Tribe of Doris, Ancestral Gathering) in schools and youth clubs pan London with organizations such as Learning through the Arts, Toynbee Hall and Insight Arts to name but a few. Ife is passionate about leadership, the environment and health. She is a graduate of the Interaction Leadership Program (British Council) and Eco Villages Training (Findhorn Foundation Scotland).



Born in June 1983 in Kampala, Uganda, Tshila didn’t grow up among musicians, neither was she taught music in school or while growing up. After a bachelors degree in software engineering in the US she used her talent to develop her musical skills. Tshilas acoustic-driven songs have strong traditional music undertones, which she blends beautifully with her hip-hop background.




MC Flower
MC Flower was born in 1998 and surprised the audience as opening act with her fresh attitude.