We are happy to inform you about the extension of Canon Griffin’s Exhibition YOUR HEART HO! LETTERS FROM THE SHUTTLE. LETTERS TO THE METROPOLIS – a photographic insight into Uganda’s streets and their slogans.

Visit the Goethe-Zentrum Kampala UGCS Building and enjoy being under the spell of the phrases, slogans and sentences!

The exhibition will be held until the 1st of April – pass by, you don’t want to miss this!

The exhibition “Your Heart Ho” by Canon R. Griffin offers a photographic insight into Ugandan streets and their slogans. In his exhibition, Canon Griffin picks up these phrases, slogans and sentences and brings it forth through photography to an art seeking audience – if it’s spoken word from the bumper-sticker artist or the lamentation of the taxi owner.

By compiling these, he brings together a pleathora of mindsets expressed on the road in a compelling photo exhibition that informs, delights, and disturbs. This enables a dialogue on a major and accessible cultural medium that contains much more information about the Uganda social consciousness than is easily assumed!
Rumanzi Canons exhibition aims to ultimately increase the knowledge and understanding of each other in this time and space we all are sharing.

“These short phrases or one word hammer-downs, slogans, … sentences … bible verses … and cryptic ones too, they are formed from diverse cultural backgrounds that lie close to the maker’s desire to speake to everybody on the road! Like You and I.”
(Canon R. Griffin)

The exhibition “Your Heart Ho! Letters from the shuttle. Letters to the metropolis”, a project which he is pursuing since 2012, will be launched at Friday, 1st February – the same time and place the third edition of Ngalabi will also be held at Goethe Zentrum/ UGCS.

Canon R. Griffins Exhibition will be shown at
Goethe Zentrum Kampalas/ UGCS’ building
from the 1st February – 1st of March 2019.
The Admission is free.

Opening Hours of the building:
Mon – Fri: 9 am – 6 pm
Sat: 10am – 3pm

Goethe Zentrum Kampala/ UGCS
Plot 52 Bukoto Street
Kamwokya, Kampala

Canon R. Griffins Exhibition was made possible by our Small Project Grant. Goethe-Zentrum Kampala/ UGCS is offering funding for locally based projects in the different fields of art and culture. Three selected applicants will receive a payment to implement their project in the course of 2019. Please follow the rules and regulations for application! Find the deadlines and everything else on our website: http://goethezentrumkampala.org/culture/projectfunding/