Enter Africa
Gamify your City Future! and create a local based Game about your Past, Present and Future

Download the Call for Applications as PDF document here.

About the idea
Can games make a better world? Can new forms of participation be made possible through gaming and gamification? Can the culture technique of gaming have an impact on the development of cities and countries? And how should such processes be designed? We want to create a playful experience concerning the future of your city. Therefore we are looking for an interdisciplinary group of people with different backgrounds, from artists to architects, from software and game developers to musicians, from students to astronauts that are willing to join this adventure. You will be part of a 2-years program including Game-Labs and the cooperation in an African-wide network. Are you the one we are looking for?

Gaming is about creating games while Gamification is about using game-mechanics in a non-game context. We will use both to create a digital-analogue playful experience that will be about one or more aspects of the transformation-process of your city. During the days of the game lab, participants will design, develop, and test a real local-based-game that deals with the future of your city the way you want it. This includes getting an insight into the core of game mechanics, creating a story line, learning how to implement analogue spaces into a game and feeding all the elements into a digital platform. What we want is your creativity, dedication and interest for a better world.

Dates and Venues of the Game Labs
1st Game Lab: 19th -22nd February 2018
Time: Full Day Programme
Venue: Goethe-Zentrum Kampala/UGCS and different places in the city
Application deadline for 1st Game Lab: 29th January 2018

2nd Game Lab: first half of 2019

The Game Labs will be held in English

Programme Overview
During the program, which will take place in 15 African countries, you will create a local based game that is connected with the future of your city. The programme consists of two game lab sessions (4 days in 2018 and 3 days in 2019) in your country and online support in between. Every team in every participating country will have the chance to send one representative to an additional Game Lab in Addis Abeba to create an African wide game based on the first Game Lab workshops. This mega game will be presented at the gamescom in Cologne, Germany in 2019. Gamescom is one of the biggest fairs worldwide for game developers with 919 companies from 54 countries presenting their latest games, current software and innovative accessories in 2017.

Technical Details
We will use an existing digital platform that can be used to create local based games without any knowledge of programming and software development. Only basic digital skills are needed – and your creativity to design a game idea!
Who can apply?
Everybody is invited to apply who is interested to learn how to create games and how gamification can be used to enter Africa’s future. Applications are open to problem solvers, subject matter experts, fun makers, energy boosters and to inhabitants of Addis Abeba with an interest in the future of your city. We can accept up to 20 participants. The requirements to take part in this project are:

  • Applicant must be 18 years old or above
  • Time and willingness to participate fully at least in the first Game Lab
  • The ability to use a browser and the internet, Microsoft Office and easy tools for working on pictures and videos
  • Experiences in using Smartphones as a normal user
  • Interest in the future of Kampala

Facilitators of the 1st Game Lab in Kampala
Christoph Deeg is a consultant, speaker, and author in the field of gamification and digitalanalogue strategies. He is consulting national and international institutions, organizations, and companies on the development and implementation of comprehensive and sustainable digital strategies and is developing and realizing gamification projects in countries such as Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Austria, Germany, and Mexico. He lectures widely on this topic at national and international conferences and is the author of “Gaming und Bibliotheken” (Gaming and Libraries) and founder of the interdisciplinary network “games4culture.” For more information visit his website: www.christoph-deeg.com
Christoph Deeg will be one of the two facilitators of the 1st Game Lab in Kampala in February 2018.

Bethlehem Anteneh is an experimental architect that felt an outsider amongst reserved architecture. Her natural curiosity in trying to understand intangible causes and processes that drive the world brought her forth with game-thinking. Her graduation project was then an application of that curiosity resulting in a new daring urban concept. Caught between experience design, playful experience and architecture, she specializes in the possibilities arising from the combination of game-thinking and architecture as well as urban development. Amongst her initiations are Rethopia, and co-founding of the Ethiopian game-thinking and gamification network Chewata Awaqi. It was created during the project “Gamify your City-Future!” with the Goethe Institute in Addis Abeba. Ever since, Chewata Awaqi’s main focus has been on the motivational process for civilians to engage and redefine possibilities of their future in real locations and situations through game-thinking.
Bethlehem Anteneh will be one of the two facilitators of the 1st Game Lab in Kampala in February 2018.

Dagmawi Bedilu Degefe is an Ethiopian Software Engineer, an aspiring Entrepreneur and a Game Thinking activist with an appetite for both Science and the Arts. In his Engineering career, he has managed to work as a Senior Software Architect for the country’s biggest IT company, designing and developing Location-Based Systems while leading a team of 25+ engineers/developers. He has supervised more than 15 projects, technically managing 6 of them including the National Fleet Management and Cargo Tracking System. He has also chaired a National Technical Committee during his time as a proud civil servant. In the entrepreneurial arena, he has founded gursha.org, a social enterprise that aims to enable societies to solve their own problems using indigenous knowledge. Also, a co-founder of ChewataAwaqi a cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary company with an overarching vision of curing the world with Game Thinking by bringing back the fun in the Learning, Loving and Living experience; meaning creating social impacts through the use of games, playful design, simulation, gamification and serious games. He is also a startup mentor in one of the country’s leading incubation center (BlueMoon Ethiopia). For more information visit www.dagmawi-bedilu.com

Roman Rackwitz is one of Europe’s pioneers of Gamification. Since 2009 he is leading Engaginglab GmbH, Europe’s first Gamification-Agency. He teaches Gamification at universities in Germany and Switzerland and is regularly called in as Gamification-expert to appear on German TV and other media. Rackwitz is well known as an international speaker on the topic of Gamification and the Engagement- Economy and curates the topic via video content and podcast. Rackwitz is well known as the declared enemy of mixing up simple reward-programs with Gamification. His core-philosophy instead – that he is well-known for – focuses on creating ‘Playful Experiences’ in everyday areas of human activities.

How to apply?
We are looking forward to compose a diverse team from diverse backgrounds, social skills, and creative roles to come together as one. Therefore, being who you really are while answering the following questions will make you a contender.

1. Please introduce yourself. (Approx. 300 words). Include (Full Name, Gender, Birth date, profession and hobbies/interests at least)
2. Why would you like to take part in this programme? What is your motivation? (Approx. 300 words)
3. My three ideas for the future of Kampala are… or – My three concerns about Africa’s future are… (Approx. 300 words)
4. Do enjoy your time filling in the questions below. (Approx 100 words for each question)
            01. If someone wrote a paper article about you, what would the headline (title) be?
            02. What is your favorite game (digital or analog) and why?
            03. How would you sell a used plastic bottle?
            04. If you were a superhero, what would you want your super powers to be?
            05. We’ve been asking all the questions until now. For a change, what would you like to ask?

Email your answers in a separately attached document to all following email addresse:

Please also include your phone number in your email.
Deadline: 29th January 2018