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 [tp lang=”en” not_in=”de”] Fack ju Göhte

Director: Bora Dagtekin

The German comedy “Fack ju Göhte” by Bora Dagtekin was the most successful German film of 2013. The story is about Zeki Müller, who is looking for the loot from his last robbery after a 13-month stretch in prison. He applies for a position as a janitor at the school, since, as it happens, the money is buried under the new school gym. However, Zeki lands a job as a supply teacher. He has to deal with a naive trainee teacher and difficult kids who can’t even spell “Fuck you, Goethe” correctly. Thus, the young man unintentionally embarks on a career in education. 
While in prison, Zeki Müller was given the opportunity to complete his secondary education, yet he had no interest in school at all. The only thing he cared about during his time in prison was the buried loot from his last robbery. Once he’s out, he realized that the new gym of the “Goethe Comprehensive School” has been built on top of the stash. In order to dig up the money, Zeki applies for a job at the school and unexpectedly became a supply teacher. Now, he has to deal with difficult children – both mentally and physically. The fact that he only has bad memories from his own school years is now an advantage for him. The kids reach the conclusion that “He gets us”, after provoking Zeki with their loutishness and pranks. In the end they become friends. Zeki’s boss falsifies a certificate for the young man, so that he can stay on at the school the following year. The fact that the future teacher has, in the meantime, found his buried money is no longer of any importance to him. 

Germany / 2013 / 113 min
Languages: German (English subtitles) [tp lang=”en” not_in=”de”]