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 [tp lang=”en” not_in=”de”] Amatoritsero Ede is a Nigerian-Canadian scholar-poet and publisher. He studied German Language and Literature in English at the University of Hannover and lived in Germany for 8 years from 1995 to 2002. He is a fellow of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Bonn. An internationally award-winning poet and the publisher of the Canadian and international literary and arts journal, Maple Tree Literary Supplement (MTLS) at <www.mtls.ca>, he was the 2016 INPUTS Writer-in-Residence at Bremen University in Germany, the 2005-2006 PEN Canada Writer-in-Residence at Carleton University’s English Department, where he later received a Doctorate in English. He was a 2013 speaker at the prestigious Canada Seminar of Harvard University’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs.

His first poetry collection, A Writer’s Pains & Caribbean Blues, won the 1998 All Africa Okigbo Prize for Literature, while the second, Globetrotter & Hitler’s Children, was nominated for the 2013 Nigerian Literature Prize. A third collection, Teardrops on the Weser is forthcoming. He appears in 11 poetry and 1 creative non-fiction anthologies in Germany, Canada, Nigeria and the USA. His poetry has been translated into Turkish and Romanian. Ede is also a scholar of global Anglophone World/African Literature and postcolonial Theory. He teaches at Makerere University’s ‘Makerere Institute of Social Research.’ [tp/]