Translation Services:

We offer translation services of English texts into German and vice versa. Price per page is 40.000 – UGX for certificates and 70.000 – UGX for other documents.

Vacation courses for students and for secondary level(for beginners and advanced leaners)

Children′s courses (at any time and progress of the participant′s study)

Please learn more about our offers from our website or contact the language department(see contact below).

Individual private courses(at any time and progress of the student’s study)

Individual courses are offered in Germany, luganda, english and kiswahili. it’s the most personal and concentrated experience in studying languages. Every aspect of your study is subject to your needs and aims. 10 hours within 5 weeks. minimum booking: 10 hours Tuition fees: 55.000 – UGX per hour (at GZK/ UGCS) | 75.000 – UGX per hour (outside GZK/ UGCS) Plus books A1 & A2 (140,000) B1 (160,000) A1/1 – B1/2 (80,000) B2/1 – C1/2 (100,000) [/tp]