If you receive a commitment from us and have confirmed the date, you can apply for a visa at the Ugandan Embassy in Berlin or the representative in your country. A three-month visa with single entry is currently 50 USD. You can also apply for a Visa online with the Electronic Visa System.

Important: For some time, the Ugandan embassies and authorities are no longer issuing half-year visas. However, it may be worthwhile to check the status of these visas by contacting your contact embassy.

Visas can also be purchased at Entebbe airport for US $ 50. Pass photos are not required, please remember your yellow fever vaccination certificate. Once you are in Uganda and your visa is not sufficient for the internship period, you must have your visa extended to the Ugandan Immigration Office in Kampala, where a processing fee is due. The Goethe-Center Kampala is unfortunately not able to apply for visas or visa extensions for or on behalf of its trainees. If you need more information on visa requirements, please contact the Ugandan Embassy in Berlin, Geneva or Vienna.

Ministry of Foreign Affair

Travel and Security Guidelines of the Federal Foreign Office on Uganda

Consulate of Uganda

Private website with contact information on the embassy in Berlin and requests for download

Ugandan Embassy in Geneva

Ugandan Consulate of Vienna