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On the 16th February GZK/UGCS hosted an energetic concert with Viva con Agua rapper’s Marteria and Maeckes from Germany, featuring Abramz, Sylvester, Lady Slyke and Bris Jean. BLU UGA stands for „Blue Uganda“ – and blue stands for water. Under this theme 14 dedicated people from Germany travelled to Uganda with the charitable organization Viva con Agua St. Pauli and the German broadcasting company ZDF.

Viva con Agua (VcA) is a German charitable organization that promotes clean drinking water all over the world. VcA is supported by musicians, artists, football players and others through different activities that do not only create awareness on the topic, but also raise funds – for example on festivals through the donation of the cup deposit by the fans. These funds enable their cooperation partner Welthungerhilfe to finance projects related to water problems. Thanks to the dedication of VcA several wells have already been built all over Uganda. It was for the second time now, that VcA travelled to Uganda to visit some of their projects and to encourage a cultural exchange. The travelling group consisted of 14 people, among them the ZDF Kultur camera team, TV presenter Rainer Maria Jilg, Michael Fritz as a founding member of VcA, former football professional Marcel Eger – foundation member of VcA, photographer Paul Ripke, the musicians Marteria and Maeckes and street artist Loz Piratoz.On Saturday 16th February the crew arrived at the Goethe-Zentrum Kampala. Together we made the cultural exchange reality: Maeckes and Marteria not only wrote a song with the Ugandan musicians Sylvester, Abramz, Lady Slyke and Bris Jean, they also recorded the song and performed it live on stage in front of 300 people during a touching concert on that same day. While the musicians got together at the Infinite 3 music studio, Loz Piratoz spent the afternoon with Ugandan graffiti artists Spoken Word and Kibuuka Oscar. Together they redesigned the GZK Kunst-Container – now the exhibition container is to be recognized as art also from the outside.

At 6pm the gates of GZK opened for the public. While the musicians were getting ready for the stage in the studio, the visitors could already take a look at the Kunst-Container. Loz Piratoz from the outside, photography from the inside: Viva con Agua exhibited selected pictures from some Welthungerhilfe projects taken by Paul Ripke. Next to them there was an exhibition of pictures from the water projects of the German development agency GIZ which made this concert and exchange on the 16th February possible. The Ugandan photographers Abdul Kinyenya, Rumanzi Canon and Arthur Conrad Kisitu visited the GIZ water projects in Kampala and its surroundings to document them through artistic captures.A few minutes to 8pm it was finally time to start. The cheerful audience was guided through the evening by Michael Fritz and Rainer Maria Jilg, sharing their good vibes with the six musicians. Eleven year old Ugandan rapper MC Flower made a spontaneous guest appearance on stage. Each of the six musicians had an own slot on stage, crowned by the joint song “Blue Uganda”.

Around midnight the 14 travelers and the four Ugandan musicians got together happy, satisfied and a bit tired at our offices to touch glasses on this successful day. On Sunday they already continued with a common football match and on Monday with shooting the music video…We want to thank Viva con Agua St. Pauli for this wonderful cooperation, the great concert and the amazing artwork on our container – and of course for all their dedication for clean drinking water worldwide.

Please visit for more information about Viva con Agua their official Homepage VIVACONAGUA