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The Kampala based artist collective ‘Afri-Cans‘ is on a mission: Promoting Graffiti and Streetart culture as a tool for young creatives to express themselves. For that reason, Tugabane Sessions (*which means sharing in Luganda) came up with Graffiti workshops and Streetart exhibitions open for everyone, no matter what age. On September 14th, 2018 Afri-Cans hosted one of their inclusive and educational workshops at Goethe-Zentrum UGCS Kampala and brought an exceptional project to life which included live – painting, Q&A – sessions and Hip-Hop performances.

By promoting Graffiti and Streetart culture the Kampala based artist collective Afri-Cans wants to give young creatives a tool to express themselves. For that reason, Tugabane Sessions (*which means sharing in Luganda) facilitated a Graffiti workshop at Goethe-Zentrum UGCS Kampala on the 14th of September 2018. The workshop was open for everyone interested in Graffiti art and its practical implementation, so we were happy to welcome a great number of young children as well as some of the older generations. 

As most of the participants had arrived at midday, the Afri-Cans-Team was already excited and ready to make stickers, spray stencils and create some graffiti art. Kids, as well as adults, had the opportunity to get creative and have a closer look at the art of graffiti. The workshop was followed by a Q&A Session with Mos Opten, Adrain, Oscar Kibuuka and Imran Azad, which turned out to be a great start into the evening accompanied by amazing rap performances, live painting, and dancing. This was definitely a day to remember, so we’d like to thank Afri-Cans and all the great participants who made this event so special.