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GZK Fashion Talks describe a series of online events that took place in November and December in cooperation with Beatrace Oola from Fashion African Now and the German Embassy Kampala. The talks bring together upcoming Ugandan and German Fashion designers, creatives from different backgrounds and create a platform for networking. The events present selected panelists from Germany and Uganda discussing a prior-selected topic highlighting diverse aspects on contemporary East-African Fashion. It is giving youngsters, stakeholders and interested people in the Fashion Industry from Uganda, Germany, and beyond to take part in the discussion as audience. The first Fashion Talk highlighted the topic “Design Thinking and Brand Building – How to create an international brand” with the panelists Denise Amann, art director based in Berlin, fashion designer and entrepreneur Stella Atal and upcoming fashion designer Derrick Kissinger. The second talk invited fashion designer and entrepreneur Victor Namutwe Joroh, the director of Records Fashion School Kagimu Micheal and Martina Offeh from Ashes & Soil (GER) giving a vibrant talk on current challenges in fashion education.