Urban Music Rebels – ONGALA Festival – 2019

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In August, the first workshop of the regional project ‘‘Urban Music Rebels’’ took place in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. The idea for this project emerged after noticing a continuously growing trend to connect traditional instruments and local singing with modern beats and production techniques of the electronic music scene. The Goethe-Institutes in Tanzania and Rwanda are organizing this project together with the GZK. Aim is the cultural collaboration of different music scenes through various workshops, participation and performances on festivals in East Africa. This will form an interregional network from which the participating artists from different countries can benefit and grow. In 2020, the musicians will travel to the Sauti za Busara Festival on Zanzibar for a workshop, followed by a workshop in Kigali as well as a performance on the Bayimba Island. The Ugandan musicians Okello Lawrence and Izaya the Composer are representing Uganda and the Goethe-Zentrum Kampala in this project.