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Poetry _ Covid Reading

In general, our reading culture events aim to promote the writers and poets of Uganda and other African countries, but also to build a bridge between our language and cultural program. This event reaches out to Ugandan writers of all genres, often cooperating with Uganda’s female writers association FEMRITE, which we are collaborating with for many years, as well as the Lantern Meet Foundation with their Ibua Lounge productions. In 2020, we had five online happenings from June to October. Among the online events were three FEMRITE Readings with Hon Miria Matembe “The Struggle for Freedom & Democracy Betrayed: Memoirs of Miria Matembe” (2017), author and poet Samuel Iga Zinanula – reading and discussion of his poems including Africa in Pain, and Pamela Babirukamu, reading and discussion of her book “Beaten not crushed” (2020). We also organized an online happening with African Writers Trust in July – a reading with Hekaya Arts Initiative about their joint novel roman “Kas Kazi”. In August, it was all about POETRY ABOUT COVID-19 bringing together a variety of Ugandan poets in cooperation with Kitara Nation and Lantern Meet. The discussion topic was “Poetry as form to capture crisis situations”, moderated by the Ugandan poets Kagayi Ngobi and Wobusobozi Amooti.