Ekyoto Night with Tontoma Poetry Jazz Session

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In cooperation with Tontoma Poetry Jazz Session we hosted a cozy evening of poetry and music in our GZK basement.

‘Ekyoto’ is a Luganda word meaning fire place where food is cooked. In Buganda culture Ekyoto is where adults passed wisdom and knowledge to the young to empower them for the challenging world that lay ahead. Ekyoto activities included storytelling, playing games, dances and playing traditional instruments.


This history and background inspired Tontoma Poetry Jazz Session to come up with the ‘Ekyoto Night’ which took place on the 6th June. Our audience enjoyed the work of various artists and poets including Mercedes Nyanworth, Topito Says, Kitaka Alex, Muganza Keith and Ray the Lioness – all of them basing their work on the theme of the night, the Bonfire Installation.