House Rules


As of 1st January 2023

Welcome to the Goethe-Zentrum Kampala / Uganda German cultural Society (GZK / UGCS). We are glad that you are here!

We want you to feel comfortable and safe – and therefore briefly inform you about some of our etiquette and rules.

Who we are

GZK / UGCS is a non-political and non-profit organization (cultural society) whose tasks are to promote German-Ugandan relations and to build a platform for intercultural dialogue in Kampala and with other African countries. It promotes knowledge of the German language in Uganda and fosters international cultural cooperation. In addition, we convey a comprehensive image of Germany by providing information on cultural, social and political life. Through numerous cultural events, GZK/ UGCS supports on the one hand the local artistic scene and on the other hand conveys a contemporary image of Germany in order to promote exchange between the two countries and to support bilateral and international relations. The UGCS has been active in Uganda since 1989 and has been a Goethe-Zentrum since 2008.

As a Goethe-Zentrum, we are an accredited partner of the Goethe-Institut, which in turn is the globally active cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany.

How we work

We represent democratic values characterized by respect, openness and tolerance. In our work and on our premises, no one is discriminated against on the basis of religion, origin, disability, gender, sexual orientation or any other grounds. We value freedom of expression, even when we do not always share the opinion.

How we treat each other

In our dealings with each other, with our customers and partners, we are guided by these very values. The protection of personal rights is important to us. In our rooms and at our events:

  • open and peaceful discussions are allowed
  • the carrying of weapons is not allowed
  • smoking is not allowed
  • physical confrontations or assaults will not be tolerated.

In case of violations we reserve the right to ban people from our premises.

We expect our visitors and staff to treat the course rooms and inventory with care: Please leave the rooms as you would like to find them!

Privacy Policy and Consent Forms

We handle the personal data of our customers and partners in accordance with the law and sparingly.

The exact regulations can be found here.

For your and our Safety

We are an open institute and want to remain so! To guarantee your safety and that of our rooms, we have installed video surveillance:

Cameras are installed in all places that can be visited by the general public: (reception, hallways, library) as well as outdoor areas one (parking lot and entrance areas/cafeteria). There are no surveillance cameras in the classrooms, conference room, or library. Video recordings are for internal use only.

Please take care of your belongings! GZK is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

In case of an emergency please also refer to the evacuation and fire action Plan.

Higher-level instructions, such as the SOPs from the Ministry of Health, must be followed.

Participation in our Language Courses

We offer language courses for adults, teenagers and children. We have compiled information for you on enrollment, placement, payment and other questions concerning the language courses.

It can happen that you cannot start a booked course and have to cancel. Therefore, we have formulated valid cancellation conditions for all.

You can find these general conditions of participation here.

Participation in Youth and Children's Courses

The above conditions apply to youth and children's courses. However, children and adolescents are particularly in need of protection. We therefore attach particular importance to compliance with these house rules which can be found here.

Participation in our Exams

We offer examinations for adults that are recognized worldwide. Our examination regulations and procedures, which are also valid worldwide, apply and ensure the high and secure standard of the examinations. Detailed information about the exams can be found here.

Use of the Library

We invite you to use our library and our digital library "Onleihe". Again, there are some rules that you should know.

Our Events

The GZK / UGCS is a place of encounter and cultural dialogue. There are regular events where we invite you to exchange ideas, inform yourself and get to know cultural offers of all kinds.

The HOUSE RULES also apply to events, especially the smoking ban.


Minors are only permitted to attend cultural events if accompanied by a parent or guardian. Parents are liable for their children.

No outside drinks are allowed at our events.

You can find the current event overview on social media Facebook or Instagram or on our homepage.

Everything clear?

Should there be any problems, questions or criticism, you are welcome to contact us directly. For general questions write us a mail to, for concrete questions concerning the language course to or contact us during your next visit!



Thank you,