sign 1

Sign Language Course by Deaf Link Uganda

GZK/UGCS has been in partnership with Dead Link Uganda (DLU) for a couple of years now, a relationship that is positively budding. Last year, DLU partnered with us to bring forth a beginner sign language course which took place the whole of November 2022 with 10 eager students and an amazing teacher. The students loved…

film possible 006

Film Possible Ngalabi Workshop

To build up to our short film festival Ngalabi, Film Possible conducted a 5-day workshop with young people interested in film. The workshop focused on how to pitch your idea and how to collaborate.Throughout the week they were divided in groups and at the end of the week, they pitch the ideas to the mentors.…

Global stance workshop

Global Stance Workshop by Skillz East Africa

At the beginning of May 2021, Skillz East Africa conducted a workshop for young performing artists to equip them with artistic and business skills. The three days’ workshop focused on business and career development for 15 young Ugandan performing artists giving them communicative tools and feasible solutions and showed them how to grow their network.…

fashion workshop

Fashion Production and Styling by Beatrace Angut Oola

From 19th to 21st April, German based freelance interdisciplinary curator and creative producer Beatrace Angut Oola conducted a workshop with young Ugandan fashion designers at the newly set up space for creatives MoTIV in the Industrial Area. During three days, 16 young fashion designers were instructed under the theme “Creativity, cultural diversity and aesthetics from…

Batik workshop

Modern Batik Workshop in collaboration with Deaf Link Uganda and David Kibuuka

At the end of March 2021, seven deaf young visual artists were introduced by renowned artist David Kibuuka into the technique of modern batik art to learn an additional technique in the field of visual arts. Apart from introducing the young artists to the technique of using wax and dyes on fabric to diversify and…

online workshop

Online Workshop „How to transfer your passion into a successful business” by Roberta Wagner

This four-day online series was conducted in November 2020 and March 2021 by Roberta Wagner and aimed at empowering artists from different arts fields and countries with the skills to transfer their creative ideas into a real business.  Bringing together artists with different business ideas, Roberta Wagner gave them necessary tools, developed a platform for…