A brief placement test and an interview will be done with participants who already possess knowledge of German. This test allows us to identify the most suitable course level for you. The placement test is offered at UGX 30,000 (for walk-in customers) and UGX 70,000 (inhouse for companies) and can be done any time during the registration dates. For further inquiries please make an appointment with our Language Department.

Contact address:  language@goethezentrumkampala.org and make sure to cc: info@goethezentrumkampala.org

You can also assess yourself here: TEST YOUR GERMAN


We offer translation services of English texts into German and vice versa.

Price (delivered within 5 working days):

Documents with font size 12 or larger with normal/large margins: 100,000 UGX per page

Documents with font size 11 or smaller with small margins: 150,000 UGX per page

We also translate Luganda documents into English.


Individual courses are offered in German, Luganda and English at any time and progress of the student’s study. It is the most personal and concentrated experience in studying languages. Every aspect of your study is subject to your needs and aims.

Minimum booking: 10 hours

Tuition Fees:

Private lessons at company/home, 90 minutes (within Kampala)

Private lesson, 1 person: UGX 140,000

Private / corporate lesson, 2-4 persons: UGX 90,000

Private / corporate lesson, 5-10 persons: UGX 30,000

Private / corporate lesson, 11-16 person: UGX 20,000

Private lessons, 60 minutes (at Goethe-Zentrum Kampala)

Private lesson, 1 person: UGX 65,000

Private / corporate lesson, 2-4 persons: UGX 35,000

Private / corporate lesson, 5-10 persons: UGX 20,000

Books are sold separately, the prices range from UGX 80,000 – UGX 160,000 depending on the level

Please learn more about our offers from our website or contact us at info@goethezentrumkampala.org


If you need a confirmation of participation for an ongoing course or need a duplicate for a lost one we issue the confirmation for UGX 40,000.


The Goethe-Zentrum Kampala also offers German students in Uganda the possibility to locally supervise the examinations of their German University.

Price per exam supervised : UGX 470,000

For more information on this, confer with your University in Germany and with the Head of the Language Department here in Uganda

Contact: language@goethezentrumkampala.org