Terms and Conditions for Exams

  1. The full examination fee is due at the time of preparation.
  2. Fees for SD1 International Exam are UGX 450,000 for internal students and UGX 900,000 for external students.
  3. Fees for B1 International exam is UGX 120,000 per module for internal students and UGX 250,000 per module for external students.
  4. Examination fee includes two days of preparation. Preparation days are NOT lessons. It aims to prepare the candidate to be aware of the structure of the examination
  5. Only those candidates whose names appear on the examination list will be let into the preparation room.
  6. Taking part in the preparation automatically translates into being part of the examination unless written proof of an emergency is provided to cancel participation in the exam.
  7. The examination registration form must be filled in and signed. All given details must be correct and legible. A photocopy of a valid national ID card or passport must be appended on the registration form. The details will be reflected on your certificate as you have given them on the form. Please note that alterations cannot be made once certificates have been printed.
  8. A valid original identification document (strictly national ID. card or passport) must be availed on the day of the examination. Failure to present a valid original identification document will lead to exclusion from the examination and an automatic forfeiture of the examination fees.
  9. Candidates MUST arrive at least 30 minutes before commencement of the examination on the examination date.
  10. Arrival after the examination has commenced leads to exclusion from the examination and an automatic forfeiture of the examination fees.
  11. Cancellation of the examination should be communicated to the language office of the Goethe-Zentrum Kampala at least 1 day before the examination date or else the candidate will forfeit their examination fees.
  12. Examination fees are neither refundable nor transferable if a candidate does not show up on the examination day or if the candidate reports when the examination has already started, unless point 10 above applies.
  13. If the certificate is lost within 10 years, a replacement letter can be issued at the cost of UGX 50,000.
  14. Examination documents are stored for a maximum period of 12 months from the examination date and then disposed of or deleted in a professional manner. The documents with the overall score or the score in respective modules are stored for 10 years and then disposed of or deleted.
  15. House rules must be followed at all times and employees are authorized to enforce these house rules.
  16. Candidates are required to take note of the Examination Guidelines and Terms and Conditions of Goethe-lnstitut available here and in the GZK / UGCS library and reception.
  17. Candidates’ personal data and the examination results will be transmitted to the headquarters of the Goethe-Institute in Munich. All candidates must sign the declaration of consent forms.
  18. For internal candidates, admission to the examination requires written consent from the class teachers.
  19. Apart from the candidate’s identification documentation and pen, all other materials that students may have come with will be locked in a separate room. Technical resources such as mobile phones, mini computers, smart watches and similar devices which can save and retrieve information, bags and pencils are strictly prohibited from the examination rooms.
  20. Security checks at the entrance of the institute are mandatory for all candidates and visitors.
  21. At all times, candidates should adhere to all SOPs as stipulated by the Ministry of Health and/or the management of the examination premises.
  22. Results of the international examination will be available at the reception of the Goethe-Zentrum Kampala at least a week from the day of sitting for the examination.