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Do you need certification or a diploma for work, study or a visa? Would you like to know the level of your knowledge of German?

At Goethe-Zentrum Kampala, we offer the international Goethe exams “Start Deutsch 1” (SD1) at A1 level and the international Goethe exam at B1 level.


Term 1

Registration SD1 and B1: From 17/01
Preparation class: 21/02 & 22/02
Exam date: 23/02

Registration SD1 and B1: From 28/02
Preparation class: 28/03 & 29/03
Exam date: 30/03

Term 2

Registration SD1 and B1: From 16/05
Preparation class: 27/06 & 28/06
Exam date: 29/06

Term 3

Registration SD1 and B1: From 25/07
Preparation class: 29/08 & 30/08
Exam date: 29/06

Registration SD1 and B1: From 18/08
Preparation class: 19/09 & 20/09
Exam date: 21/09

Term 4

Registration SD1 and B1: From 21/11
Preparation class: 12/12 & 13/12
Exam date: 14/12

*subject to change

Fees SD1

(including preparation class)
Internal Students UGX 450,000
External Students UGX 900,000

Fees B1

Internal Students UGX 120,000 per module
External Students UGX 250,000 per module

For more details please see here.