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On Thursday 11th January 2024, in an immersive Acting Masterclass led by the talented Kemiyondo Coutinho, participants experienced a dynamic blend of fun and engagement. The diverse group, comprising both seasoned actors and aspiring talents, delved into crucial takeaways, emphasizing the significance of being actively present, self-focused, and tapping into your emotional depths to deliver a profound performance. The session left a lasting impression on attendees, offering valuable insights poised to shape their future careers.

One of the participants @czariommajje on Instagram had this to say, ‘‘The scene work during the acting masterclass was indeed interesting and well put. The warmups were on point too.’’

A special note of gratitude to Kemiyondo for her collaboration, as this masterclass promises to catalyze impactful journeys for those seeking to refine their skills and make a mark in the acting realm.