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GZK recently unveiled the mesmerising documentary “Ateker” by award winning filmmaker Edmond Tamale, in collaboration with Theo Vos of Kara-Tunga Tours, that provides rich cultural experiences and untamed outdoor adventure in Uganda’s Karamoja land. This cinematic journey delved into the cultural tapestry of East Africa, captivating audiences with its evocative storytelling.

Following the screening, a dynamic panel discussion led by experienced writer and broadcaster Carol Kagezi, featuring Edmond Tamale and Theo Vos, further illuminated the film’s themes such as identity and reconnection as the documentary showcases a journey with Karimojong men reconnecting with sister tribes in South Sudan.

When Theo Vos was asked about his dual identity, being Ugandan with a mother from Karamoja and father from Netherlands, and how this has affected him, he mentioned that his maternal uncle told him that he is a bridge between the two nationalities and from then on everything he does reflects this. That is why this documentary is important to him.

The post-event polls revealed an overwhelmingly positive response, showcasing the film’s profound impact on audience understanding and appreciation of the region: ‘88% said Ateker left a lasting impression on them, 62% said they got a great understanding of Karamoja and 78% said they would totally recommend the documentary.’

As GZK continues to foster cultural exchange through the power of cinema, “Ateker” stands as a testament to the organization’s commitment to celebrating diverse narratives and fostering cross-cultural dialogue.