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Each year, we join hands with our partners, Alliance Française de Kampala, to celebrate arts and culture, a shared vision we passionately pursue. We were thrilled to receive support from the Franco-German Cultural Fund for our project, the Moving Identities Film Tour (MIFT). This initiative aims to bring film culture to various regions of Uganda, focusing on Mbarara, Mbale, Arua, and Fort Portal.

MIFT offers film enthusiasts in these communities the opportunity to enjoy a selection of some of the best Ugandan short films from the past seven years of the Ngalabi Short Film Festival. In addition to screenings, the tour includes both introductory and intermediate film training workshops led by experienced Ugandan filmmakers.

Our journey began with thorough planning and coordination under the guidance of our curator, Ntale Bahana. We set off for Mbarara, our first destination, on Friday, May 31st, arriving around 5:00 pm at Agip Motel to prepare for the event. After settling in, we met with several participants who had registered for the film workshops scheduled for the next day. This initial meet-and-greet allowed us to learn about their backgrounds in film and their aspirations.

On Saturday, June 1st, the workshop began at 9:00 am with participants ranging from 20 to 50 years old, all eager to learn. Our goal was to help them create films that were uniquely Mbarara. Ian Nnyanzi, a Kampala-based filmmaker, taught participants how to use cameras and phones to shoot meaningful shots that could be edited into captivating films. Rebecca Amulen, a production sound recordist from Kampala, emphasized the importance of sound in film and how to effectively capture it. Didas Abaho, a local filmmaker, concluded the morning session by discussing the basics of acting, highlighting the importance of learning lines to bring stories to life on screen.

After a hearty lunch, participants were divided into groups for a practical session to apply what they had learned. They created short films, which were later screened, and received valuable feedback from the film mentors.

While the practicals were ongoing, the team set up for the movie screening. At 7:00 pm, we showcased five short films from our Ngalabi Archives, including Ttula by Benjamin Mwesigwa, Keycard by Angela Emurwon, A Void Life by Ian Nnyanzi, Facing North by Tukei Peter Muhumuza, and Mawe! by That Malcolm Guy. The films were well received by the attendees, marking a successful conclusion to our Mbarara trip.