Vitiligo drawing project -“Part of us” by Senkubuge Martin Quid

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Vitiligo drawing project Part of us by Senkubuge Martin Quid

We are thrilled to present to you our Winner of the 1st Small Project Grant 2020: Senkubuge Martin Quid (SMQ). His VITILIGO-DRAWING PROJECT (Photography in Hyperrealistic Drawing) will be implemented with the grant of 2.000.000 UGX. This project intends to capture attention from the public through an organized Art exhibition of SMQ’s powerful portraiture drawings of Vitiligo patients around Kampala. This project will attract and include live circular discussions amongst Media, Skin Experts, Public and the Vitiligo patients. It will help to visually amplify the victim’s voices for a better cause and sensitize the public about the skin condition. Further it embraces Vitiligo as a natural attack and extends awareness about Vitiligo victims to their societies creating a comfortable environment for the patients. Senkubuge Martin Quid is a design thinker and a Visual Artist who draws and paints. He is currently pursuing his first Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Fine Arts, Makerere University. His artworks are inspired by his life background together with life experiences since childhood. Additionally, they relate deeply with African cultures, morals, traditions, beliefs, myths, stories, proverbs and philosophies. He participated as a pioneer Visual Artist of the Human Rights Museum in Uganda. He also participated in the second edition of Kampala Cultural Exchange, 2019, contributing to the documentation of the Great African Art Banner. Besides featuring in the Fashion Summit 2019 and ASAF19 as a Visual Artist guest, he was the biggest seller in the Walls Speak Art exhibition, during this event his Painting about Global Warming was auctioned $4000. SMQ hopes his art creations give every viewer a feeling of optimism for a better culturally-United Africa. Follow his Bio @smq_artist_ug and stay tuned via Facebook Goethe-Zentrum Kampala UGCS and Instagram @gz_kampala about the process of his project.