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In June 2020, we decided to continue our independent film program online via GZK Facebook Live. In terms of availability of the films, accessibility of the filmmakers and responsibility towards the local film scene, especially in times of Covid-19, we saw it as reasonable to continue to show African (short) films with a focus on East African filmmakers as an online event and to combine them with a subsequent discussion round. We had three different online screenings with Q&A in 2020, the first one was in June presenting the short films by Nicole Magabo (UG): Family Tree and Esteri Tebandeke (UG): Little Black Dress as film online event with discussion moderated by Nikissi Serumaga. The second cinematic happening took place in August when we presented Street Stories of Bonn, a cooperation with Kampala Film School, a screening & discussion of short films by Ugandan film students who were in Germany through exchange program at the end of 2019, the event was also moderated by Nikissi Serumaga. In September, we organised an online GZK Movie Night focusing on African Sci-Fi and Horror, short films by Dilman Dila (UG) were shown followed by a discussion moderated by our Ngalabi film curator Joel Tugaineyo.