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We partnered with Afropocene Studio Lab to host three female artists for the Njabala Foundation Residency 2024. The goal is to give the artists the time and space to do material research, in preparation for the creation of works for the Njabala Foundation residency 2024. The ideal outcome is that the artists would be able to refine their concepts, and methods of working. Over the last two months, the artists have experimented with various different techniques.

“One of the thematic throughlines which has emerged during the many discussions in studio is “womens work” – after discussing the Njabala folklore we noted that actually one of the saddest things about the story, is how even in death Njabala’s mother cannot find rest. She must continually come to the aid of her daughter. We decided that it was important that the process and making of the work, was going to be as important as the final artworks” says Letaru Dralega, one of the artists.

Another thematic throughline has been “the grief of not knowing the things you are supposed to”. This is a core element of the Njabala myth but also speaks to the contemporary condition of young Ugandan women who have grown up without their traditions and are seeking to reckon with that loss.

At the end of November Afropocene opened its doors and hosted an Open Studio Talk. The aim of the gathering was to get feedback on the artistic concepts, from peers within the artistic community, and any suggestions which could help further the work.

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