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Agandy Studios regularly host Studio Talks, a creative hub where creatives gather to learn from one another, engage in insightful discussions and build connections. The goal is to educate and empower creatives by informing them about their rights, opportunities and responsibilities in business.

Their session on 26th October had the topic ‘Finding your style’ was attended by 37 creatives. The session was greatly engaging with creatives sharing their personal experiences with finding their style and the role that experimentation and mentorship have played in helping them figure this out. There were two speakers present namely; Fiona Kemi, a content creator and Natural Hair Enthusiast and William Kane Oluit, a freelance photographer and Radiologist.

Some of the highlights from the discussion on creatives being misunderstood included: the necessity for having individual creative styles, the role that delivering excellent and professional creative work plays in undoing the stereotypes about creatives being unprofessional and the role of mentorship and feedback in fostering creative styles.