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We were honoured to host a screening of three segments from the Staunch docuseries, a compelling exploration of the women’s liberation movement in Uganda. Through the powerful narratives of four remarkable women—Rhoda Kalema, Dr. Tadria Kabushenga Mary Hilda, Sarah Mukasa, and Twasiima P. Bigirwa—we gained insight into their diverse yet interconnected experiences, shedding light on the foundation, growth, and challenges of the movement.

Following the screening, our Director, Dr. Anna Adima—an esteemed researcher, writer, and historian of East African history—moderated a thought-provoking panel discussion. Joining her were Consolate Namyalo and Juliet J Nabadda, the producers of the docuseries, along with Sarah Mukasa, a prominent figure featured in the series, who brought their invaluable perspectives to the discussion.

Sarah Mukasa reminded us that culture is a strong weapon used to resist change. People should be held accountable at all times as there is no justification for abuse even if it’s culture. In the series, Twasiima P. Bigirwa mentioned that tradition is not a monolith. It was created by people. It evolves and thus people should not hold on to traditions that are oppressive to women.

There was a clarion call to make feminism as simple and digestible as possible for all women, when the question of class in feminism was raised. However, it was also mentioned that class should not really matter as the goal and destination take centre stage. Fighting for equality for women across the board is the destination. It is laborious work and all involved were encouraged to develop thick skin because upsetting the status quo comes at a cost, and the patriarchy will fight back. The evening ended on a note of hope and solidarity, as the importance of community and sisterhood was emphasised and the panelists called on women to support each other.

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