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Azulato Children’s Festival 2022

After a long Covid-19 break we finally brought back Azulato in October 2022! This edition was held at the Kiwatule recreational centre- a beautiful green space, perfect for children.  It was a full day event. The workshops started in the morning until the evening hours. We had a huge variety on workshops this year as…

Our biggest comeback in 2022!

After two years, we are planning to revive our Azulato Childrens Festival. Stay tuned for more information!

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About Azulato Children’s Festival

The Azulato Children’s Festival is a one-day event that takes children into a whole new world of artistic and scientific experiences. Curiosity is the biggest potential of a child’s early years. Therefore we provide a fun and creative learning environment with interactive hands-on-activities, workshops and performances to awaken and nourish our children’s appetite for art, science, and language. The third edition of Azulato, after being invented in 2018, was supposed to take place on the 26th April 2020 at Mengo Senior School.

We believe that innovation derives from creativity, and that independent and constructive thinking can best be achieved through active experimentation. Our festival engages children in various activities and encourages them to express their creativity and to discover science mechanisms. As one African proverb goes, our best seeds and our most fruitful fields are our children. Let’s support them in growing their talents and self-confidence!

Organized by the Goethe Zentrum Kampala/Uganda German Cultural Society, Azulato is a marriage of two Luganda words “okuzula” meaning “to discover” and “abato” meaning “young children”, hence Azulato signifying childlike enthusiasm for discovery.

Azulato Children’s Festival is an inclusive festival for all children regardless of background and differences in abilities.